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Project Description
Simple project making it really quick and easy, to implement a simple flat-file database for an application.


FlatDb will remain here for people to use and download should they wish, but the new project is located over at :)


14/01/2013 - FlatDB is no longer being maintained or actively developed, news as to future versions will appear here if the project is taken forward again.

Important Message(s)

  • 27/12/2010 : 20:39 GMT +0 - Been looking at the update as working on it, seen that there are a LOAD of features I could add were I to restructure and rethink the library, this will happen over the coming months (I now have a full-time job where I'm doing 16 hour days (ouch) so it will get here, but in a wildly fluctuating temporal manner (sooner or later). Leave comments for the features you want to see / improvements etc.
  • 06/11/2010 : 15:18 GMT +0 - Update in the pipeline now, it's being fleshed out and work will begin shortly; this update will bring stability as well as a whole host of other functionality, stay tuned. And don't worry, the update will maintain legacy public interfaces so existing code doesn't break.

  • 28/07/2010 : 03:34 BST - Update is really taking longer, this is due to some major shakeups with the project as well as other things I have going on, so in the unknown state of the update, I retract my prior statement about not using the project; this project does a decent enough job for now and the update will serve to do nothing other than refine this experience.

Usage Instructions

Usage is very simple, example usage can be found in the console application bundled with the SVN download, or with the source in the download on the downloads page.

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